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What to Expect From a Personal Injury Attorney

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What to Expect From a Personal Injury Attorney

If you have never worked with a personal injury attorney, you might not be sure what to expect when meeting with one for the first time. The process may even seem daunting and nerve-wracking, but it doesn’t need to be. Once you know what the process involves, you can meet with a personal injury attorney with confidence. So, here are some things you know:

The initial contact with a personal injury attorney

Usually, your initial contact with a personal injury law firm will be via a telephone call. During that call, the law firm will take the details of your case and your personal information. You may also initiate contact with a law firm via email. They will then respond to this email asking you to provide pertinent information. These details will help the attorney to assess whether your case is worth pursuing. Following this, the personal injury attorney may then invite you in for a consultation.


Consultation with a personal injury attorney

When a personal injury attorney invites you in for a face-to-face meeting it shows that he or she thinks your case is worth exploring. During the in-person consultation, it is likely that the attorney will ask you to give additional information to help him or her further asses your case. You may be asked about your physical and emotional injuries, medical expenses, loss of wages and more. While a consultation gives the attorney an opportunity to decide if he or she will take your case, it is also an opportunity for you to see whether you would like to work with the attorney in question. So, feel free to ask him or her questions of your own.

Most personal injury attorneys work on a contingency basis, which means they will only be paid if they are able to recover compensation on your behalf. Therefore, if a personal injury attorney decides to work with you, he or she is confident in his or her ability to win the case. If the attorney accepts your case and you feel comfortable working with that attorney, go ahead to do so.


4 things your personal injury attorney should do

Once you have hired the personal injury attorney, there are certain things he or she should do:

1. Outline clear terms of the agreement

Your personal injury attorney should give you clear terms of the agreement. These terms of the agreement should be presented in writing. The document must be written in a way that you can easily read and understand. In the agreement, it should state exactly what the attorney agrees to do on your behalf. The attorney fees should also be included in this document.


2. Explain how the process works

A personal injury attorney will not be able to tell you what the exact outcome of your case will be. However, he or she can (and should) give you an idea of what to expect during settlement negotiations and if your case goes to court. Additionally, your attorney must explain the varying factors that may affect the outcome of your case.


3. Be responsive

If you have questions or concerns, your personal injury attorney should respond to your queries in a timely manner. Your attorney should also provide you with a variety of ways to contact him or her such as via telephone, email, text messaging and instant chat on their website.


4. Be respectful

There is no excuse for your personal injury attorney to treat you badly, no matter how stressful your case becomes. Your attorney should treat you with respect and kind consideration throughout the entire duration of your case.


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