Sexual Harassment Lawyer Beverly Hills, CA

Sexual Harassment Lawyer Beverly Hills, CA

sexual harassment lawyer Beverly Hills, CAYou deserve to feel safe and comfortable in your workplace. This can be impossible if you are facing sexual harassment in your office. If you or someone you know is dealing with this, contact a sexual harassment lawyer in Beverly Hills, California from Seber Bulger right away. We will speak with you about what has happened, what you have documented, and any other details that may be pertinent to your case. We know it can be difficult to speak about, which is why our lawyers are kind, compassionate, and professional. We will go over the details in a way that makes you feel comfortable and heard so that we can best help you throughout your case. 

What constitutes as sexual harassment in the workplace? 

Sexual harassment is not only something that would involve inappropriate touching. Sexual harassment is comprised of any remarks, touching, or even discrimination in the workplace that occurs and makes an employee feel uncomfortable. There are laws in place that prohibit inappropriate behavior in the workplace and that make it necessary for any supervisors or managers to report this to human resources if an employee mentions that it happened to them. 

Why should you report sexual harassment in the workplace? 

Not only do you deserve to feel safe at work, but so do your coworkers. If someone is making other employees feel uncomfortable, it is crucial that they are addressed and reprimanded for their bad behavior. They need to be held accountable for their inappropriate actions and it is never acceptable to make advances at a colleague at work. Even if you think that the person who made the remarks or actions against you is harmless, you should be protected at work and the person who made you uncomfortable needs to change their behavior. 

How can a lawyer help with sexual harassment in the workplace? 

A lawyer will not only tell you how to navigate through a sexual harassment claim at work, but an experienced sexual harassment lawyer in Beverly Hills, CA from Seber Bulger will also come up with a plan to take action against your company and possibly even the offender if problems are not resolved at work. You may already feel that you deserve compensation for what has happened, in which case you deserve to take the case to court if you want. 

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Reach out to a lawyer from Saber Bulger today to set up a consultation and go over the details of what happened at work. If you were sexually harassed, you deserve justice. Contact our law firm today to get started. We will speak with you in detail about what happened and can give you all of the possible options of moving forward. Do not hesitate. You need to put a stop to other people’s bad behaviors at work to help yourself and anyone else who has fallen victim to the offender.