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The lawyers at Seber Bulger have years of experience fighting for people who have been injured. You likely sought us out because you or someone you know has been hurt by the carelessness or wrongdoing of another. If you have suffered such an injury, we are here to help.


A “personal injury” lawsuit is a way for people who have been hurt by others to use the court system to be compensated for what they’ve lost and the injuries they have suffered. Whether it be medical bills, lost wages, a loss of the comfort and enjoyment of life, or even the loss of a loved one, the goal of a personal injury lawsuit is to make up for the harm you or one of your loved ones have suffered.


Personal injuries can be from intentional or even careless behavior. If you or someone you know has been hurt by another you may be entitled to monetary compensation under the law. Personal injury lawsuits arise out of many types of wrongdoing.

Common examples of personal injury cases that Seber Bulger handles include:

The parties to a personal injury lawsuit are sometimes able to settle their dispute before trial with a payment from the wrongdoer’s insurance company to the person who has been harmed. This is called a settlement. If the parties are not able to settle their dispute, the case may be brought to court and taken to trial so the case can be determined by a judge or jury. If a judge or jury finds that someone who was injured is entitled to compensation, the court will order payment to the person injured for the harm he or she suffered. This is called a judgment.


The attorneys at Seber Bulger know that injuries from accidents and wrongdoing are often severe and life altering. They fight to obtain the best possible results for their clients, whether by way of a fair settlement or by taking the case to trial to make sure their clients get the compensation and justice they deserve.


We know that victims and their families may experience financial hardships as a result of their injuries. At Seber Bulger, we fight to recover what our clients have lost in medical bills, lost work, destruction of property and other claims.


We also fight so that our clients are compensated for the life altering pain and suffering they have endured and may continue to endure. These pain and suffering damages are often greater than the medical bills paid or money lost. Both medical care and pain and suffering may continue long after the trial is over. Knowing this, the attorneys at Seber Bulger fight to make the insurance companies pay for any future treatments you and your family may need and for any future pain and suffering you may endure.


At Seber Bulger we believe that people who have been injured deserve a voice in the legal system. We work hard so that our clients will have that voice. Our team works closely with our clients to understand their stories and what they have been through. We evaluate claims from a legal standpoint and fight hard in court, but we also get to know our clients to understand their needs. We use our years of training and experience to battle the insurance companies and their high paid lawyers so that our clients may ultimately have justice and receive fair compensation for what they have lost.

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If you or someone you know has been injured through the carelessness or intentional wrongdoing of another, you should contact a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. Seber Bulger is here to take that call. We will discuss your situation, evaluate your claim, and explain your options for seeking compensation for your loss.

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