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Insurance Company Denial Of Your Claim

Insurance Company Denial Of Your Claim

Personal Injury Lawyer

After you were injured in a situation where someone else’s negligence caused the accident, you may be wondering what the right move is. Should you let it go? Should you file an insurance claim? Should you work with a lawyer to file a claim? It can be difficult to understand what the right move is, which is why it would benefit you to speak with a personal injury lawyer. Often, people hope to file a claim against the liable party’s insurance company but are not entirely sure of what steps to take. Additionally, the insurance company may come back denying that claim, and, most often, the person who filed it does not know whether the claim is worth pursuing further or dropping altogether. Learn more about why an insurance company may choose to deny your claim and what there is to do about it. 

Top Reasons Insurance Companies Deny Accident Claims

If you have filed an accident claim and the insurance company decides to deny it, do not let this be the end of the road for you. Insurance companies will count on people–especially those without lawyers–to not understand personal injury law and to feel so overwhelmed that they choose not to pursue the injury claim any further. As a lawyer, like a personal injury lawyer from a law firm like Cohen & Cohen, P.C. knows, an insurance company may deny your claim because: 

  1. You did not seek medical treatment right away
  2. They do not believe you sought medical treatment in enough time following the accident
  3. You did not provide sufficient evidence showing the accident caused your injuries
  4. You had a previous injury that was made worse by the accident 
  5. The person or business involved says that you were responsible for causing the accident

What can you do if the insurance company denies your claim for one of these reasons? 

If you were not working with a lawyer before, it is best to get a lawyer involved now and see how they can help. The first thing your lawyer will want to do is get a written explanation detailing why the insurance company denied your claim. In some instances, simply requesting a review of your claim may lead the insurance company to reverse its decision. In other cases, it can give you the information you need to appeal the company’s decision. 

Typically, a lawyer can help to argue against claims that you did not provide enough evidence or that you were not injured by the accident. Additionally, instead of an outright denial, many insurance companies try to get away with giving you an extremely low settlement offer. They may try to sway you into accepting it because “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush,” right? Not necessarily if you and your lawyer believe the insurance company owes you more than this. 

If you need help with a low insurance offer or help to try to reverse a denial, reach out to a law office you can rely on now.