Car Accident Lawyer Beverly Hills, CA

Car Accident Lawyer Beverly Hills, CA

Car Accident Lawyer Beverly Hills, CA

Being in a car accident is both scary and expensive. If you were involved in an accident with another vehicle, contact a car accident lawyer in Beverly Hills, California from Seber Bulger right away. We can help you get through the entire process and will do our best to end the case with the compensation you deserve. What steps should you take if you ever find yourself in this situation? Here are a few tips on how to handle being in a car accident and what you should do.

Check for Injuries

The first thing you need to do after being in an accident is make sure you are unharmed. After checking on yourself, check on any passengers in your own vehicle, then move to the people in the other car to see if an ambulance will be needed. Health and wellbeing should always be the top priority.  

Pull Over to Safety

Next, you should get to a safe location. Make sure you take your time and do not pull out in front of oncoming traffic. 

Contact the Police

You should always get the police to come to the scene of an accident so that they can write a police report on what happened. This document will give facts of what happened and can be used as evidence in court at a later date. The police will take photos and get contact information from each party, but you should do this as well. 

Exchange Information with Others

You need to get the licence plate number, vehicle make and model, and insurance information from the other driver. You should also get their first and last name, phone number, and contact information from any witnesses to the accident if applicable. While this information should be in the police report, those can take some time to get and mistakes may happen, so it is crucial to get all of the necessary information while everyone is still at the scene of the accident. 

Go to the Doctor’s Office

Finally, even if you feel fine, you need to go get checked out by your primary care physician. This will offer a written report about what happened and can be used as evidence at a later date if something ends up being wrong in the near future. Sometimes, people’s adrenaline kicks in right after an accident so they do not notice new aches and pains. This can be the body’s coping mechanism, but is harmful to a case if you do not think you are hurt and end up having issues later. That is why it is important to see a doctor so he or she can testify on your behalf later.

Contact a Lawyer 

You should always have a lawyer on your side for a car accident case. Contact a car accident lawyer in Beverly Hills, CA from Seber Bulger Law to set up a free consultation. We want you to get the compensation you deserve and will fight for you.