Truck Accident Lawyer Beverly Hills, CA

Truck Accident Lawyer Beverly Hills, CA

truck accident lawyer Beverly Hills, CATruck accidents are traumatic and often involve more injuries and property damage than regular car accidents. This is why it is crucial to hire an experienced truck accident lawyer in Beverly Hills, California from Seber Bulger to assist in your case. Often, insurance agents will try to convince accident victims to settle for less than their case is actually worth. This is, in fact, how insurance companies make a greater profit. A good lawyer who is experienced in personal injury cases will be able to look at the details of your case to estimate what your accident may actually be worth. This may include future medical bills that may possibly come up, lost wages due to missed work from being injured, compensation for damaged property in the accident, and more. What steps should you take aside from calling a lawyer, though?

Check Yourself and Others for Injuries

People’s wellbeing should always be a top priority in an accident. You should first make sure that you are alright, then move on to the passengers in your car and the people in the other vehicle. Call an ambulance immediately if anyone needs medical attention. 

Take Photos and Pull Over to Safety

Depending on where the accident took place, it is always a great idea to take photos of the accident so that you have evidence in court or to submit to insurance companies when you are seeking compensation. The more evidence you have in your favor, the better. Your truck accident lawyer in Beverly Hills, CA will be able to determine what is important to show in a case and what may end up hurting you more than helping. Sometimes, angles of photos don’t show the full story of what happened. This is why you need an expert to help see what a judge may see so that the correct account of the accident is given. 

If you cannot safely take photos where the accident happened, pull over to safety and wait until the police arrive. You can take a few photos of the road and the damage done to each vehicle to document everything possible. 

Call the Police

It is always important to have the police come to the scene of an accident so that they can write an official unbiased report of what happened. The officer will write an account of what appears to have happened, as well as gather all of the necessary contact information from each of the parties. 

Exchange Information

Even though the police officer should get all of the contact information, it is important to exchange this with the other party yourself so that you have this information when you need it. This includes a name and phone number, as well as insurance information and vehicle information. Write down the license plate number and details about the vehicle that hit you. 

Contact a Truck Accident Lawyer in California Today

Finally, make sure you reach out to Saber Bulger right away so that we can assist you with your truck accident. We are experienced in this field and want to help you get the compensation you deserve. Don’t delay — you do not want to miss the statute of limitations for filing.