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Attention Car Accident Victims without Insurance

Car Accident Lawyer

Being in a car accident is a scary experience at the best of times. If you\’ve been injured and don\’t have any medical coverage, that scary experience is compounded by the worry of how you\’ll manage to afford medical treatment. You\’ll want to talk to a car accident lawyer like one from Ward & Ward Law Firm but in the meantime, you still need to figure out how to pay for the care you need. Here are steps you can take to make sure your health doesn\’t needlessly suffer.

Personal Injury Protection or MedPay Coverage

The easiest way to pay your medical bills is using the medical coverage you have on your auto policy. In most states, this is either called personal injury protection, PIP, or MedPay coverage. Some states require PIP coverage, but not all. If you live in a no-fault state you\’ll have PIP coverage; however, you can also purchase PIP coverage in these states:

“At Fault” states that require PIP:

  • Oregon
  • Delaware
  • Maryland

Optional PIP states:

  • Washington
  • Texas
  • Arkansas
  • Connecticut
  • Washington, D.C.

MedPay is available in all other states but doesn\’t provide reimbursement for lost wages or help you\’ll need around the house that PIP does. No matter which option is available in your state, getting the highest level of coverage you can afford is a smart way to go. Both of these coverages cover all medical bills up to the policy limit, no matter who is at fault. 

Governmental Health Coverage

Your immediate coverage needs may be met with a governmental program like Medicare or Medicaid. Under the Affordable Care Act, eligibility for Medicaid has been expanded in 37 states and D.C.. Even if you didn\’t qualify previously, it\’s worth checking into your eligibility if you need medical care. States also have Emergency Medicaid programs. If you wind up in the emergency room after an accident the hospital administration can even help you with the application. 

The bottom line is: seek the medical care you need as soon as you need it. Your health is the most important thing to care for. Between auto insurance coverage and government programs, you should have most of your basic medical needs secured.

Once your health is stabilized, it\’s important to consult with an attorney. They willl be able to discuss the details of your case and let you know if there is a potential for a settlement. The sooner you are able to work with a lawyer the sooner you will recoup your out-of-pocket payments and be able to set up any long-term medical care you\’ll need. Contact a car accident lawyer right away so that you can find out what compensation amount you may be entitled to.