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Parties That Can Sue for Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice Lawyer Medical malpractice can impact the lives of more than just the injured patient, especially if the patient were to succumb to their condition, leaving family members behind in a state of grief. As a medical malpractice lawyer explains, when a patient gets injured or becomes ill from a doctor’s error, there could …

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Wadded up piece of paper that says personal injury claim as part of a Mold Injury

Mold Injury

Personal Injury Lawyer Almost everyone is already aware of the fact that mold can be extremely dangerous to your health. It is a serious matter despite relatively new research. Mold can grow anywhere moisture builds up. Kitchens, entry and exit points to your home, and areas where there is usually water are common places to …

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Non-Direct Discrimination In The Workplace

When hearing terms like racism, sexism, or xenophobia, people often picture someone yelling racial slurs or harassing a person. While these actions definitely still happen in present-day society, there are also less direct ways discrimination occurs according to an employment litigation lawyer at Eric Siegel Law. This is especially the case in workplaces where employees …

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