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Can I Sue for a Personal Injury?

Personal Injury Lawyer

When you\’re injured, be it in a car accident or dog bite, there\’s a lot to worry about. Everything preoccupies your mind, from your medical bills to your ability to get back to work. Knowing whether someone else caused your injury can help you find your focus, but that often leads to another question. Who can you hold responsible? Read on for a few common scenarios in which your local personal injury lawyer can represent you.

Dog Bite Attack

Owners who do not train their dogs to be well behaved may be sued by the victim of a dog bite. The injuries for dog bites tend to be painful and may leave behind scars and disfigurement. It’s important to get medical care right away to reduce the chances of developing an infection at the wound site. Those who are more at-risk for serious injury from a dog bite are small children and seniors. 

On the Operating Table

If you\’re injured following medical treatment, it\’s possible that you can hold the doctor responsible. If the procedure or treatment led to your injury, you are well within your right to sue. In a case of medical malpractice, you can sue either the doctor or the hospital where the doctor treated you. It\’s obvious why you\’d sue the doctor who led to your suffering, but why the hospital? A hospital can be responsible for the doctor\’s malpractice, especially if this isn\’t the first time the doctor has harmed a patient.

In the Workplace

When you\’re hurt on the job, it\’s not as black-and-white. OSHA and other regulatory agencies require companies to mitigate safety hazards and protect their employees. Your employer may not be responsible if you\’re injured while working because you disregarded known safety requirements.

What if you never learned about the safety requirements? Or if your employer makes it difficult to work safely? When an employer is failing to protect their employees, they are in the wrong. You can sue your employer for a workplace injury, but if you\’re working for a large company, you may feel there\’s a pattern of negligence going higher up. If so, you and your lawyer can look into higher management. Just know if you work for an independent franchise, the parent company isn\’t often liable for a franchise owner\’s negligence.

After a Car Accident

Insurance companies will often help you determine who is at fault in an accident. You may find your medical care covered by the other driver\’s insurance company if you’re wounded in a collision, and your insurance company finds the other driver at fault.

Even with that financial help, you and your loved ones can still suffer significant trauma and hardship following an accident. You have a right to sue the other driver, if you’ve experienced lasting trauma.

In rare cases, your vehicle\’s manufacturer can be at fault. Defective cars can worsen injuries sustained in a car collision. The other driver may not be the only negligent party if you have reason to believe your car malfunctioned or failed.

These are just a few of the reasons people file personal injury lawsuits. Consider reaching out to a lawyer in your area for a consultation today.