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Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

You may think that all personal injury attorneys are the same and it does not matter which one you choose to represent you in a personal injury claim. However, that could not be further from the truth. The fact is that the lawyer you choose has great bearing on the outcome of your case. Therefore, you must select your personal injury attorney with careful consideration.

Here are five mistakes you want to avoid:

Hiring an inexperienced personal injury attorney

Personal injury cases are not as simple as some may think. They are complicated legal matters that require your attorney to have specific knowledge and skills to get the outcome you desire. So, ensure you find a personal injury attorney who has been handling similar cases for at least several years. Only then will your lawyer know the best approach to take in your case and will be able to anticipate the legal hurdles you may face.

Working with an attorney who does not communicate well

Communication is an important part of the client-attorney relationship. Thus, you must pay keen attention to the way the personal injury attorney relates to you. Is the lawyer compassionate? Do they explain the process involved in filing a claim and answer any questions you may have? If not, you may want to seek legal representation elsewhere.

Selecting a personal injury attorney who is not upfront about fees

When you agree to work with a personal injury attorney, they should present you with a letter of engagement which outlines the legal services the attorney agrees to provide and the fees that will be charged in exchange for those services. Many personal injury attorneys use a contingency agreement. This means they will not charge you legal fees unless they obtain compensation on your behalf. When said compensation is obtained, they will accept a percentage of that amount. If the attorney you’ve selected uses a contingency agreement, it should clearly outline what percentage of the settlement amount they will take for legal fees and whether there will be additional charges. In the absence of a clear outline of all fees, find a new attorney.

Retaining a personal injury attorney who shies away from the court

While many personal injury cases are resolved out of court, there are times when the parties involved are unable to reach a settlement agreement and a trail is necessary. For that reason, you must find a lawyer who is prepared to not only fight for compensation during negotiations but one who is also prepared to take that fight to court if necessary.

Choosing a lawyer with a bad reputation

If a personal injury lawyer has a bad reputation, that is a red flag. You should find a lawyer with a proven track record and a reputation for professionalism and commitment to their clients.

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