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Signs Of Abuse And Medical Malpractice In Elder

Medical Malpractice Lawyer

It is not a secret that nursing home and other long-term care facility residents are subjected to various forms of abuse and neglect at shocking rates. The media reports on this tragedy with some regularity. However, there is far less coverage devoted to the ways in which concerned loved ones can address their suspicions that someone they care about may be suffering as the result of such mistreatment.

The warning signs of abuse and neglect aren’t always obvious. This is partially due to the fact that the concept of abuse tends to be associated with physical violence and the concept of neglect tends to be associated with leaving a patient on their own to waste away. In reality, both abuse and neglect are complex realities that can take many forms. For example, providing a resident/patient with substandard medical care can serve as grounds upon which to file legal action.

The Basics of Medical Malpractice

Many, if not most, nursing home and long-term care facility residents receive medical treatment from providers that serve these facilities. It is important to understand that the doctors, nurses, technicians (and potentially, even the facilities themselves) serving these facilities are considered healthcare providers to the same degree that providers who serve hospitals and private practice are. As a result, their professional conduct is governed by the same legal standards as other practitioners are.

As an experienced medical malpractice lawyer can explain in greater detail, healthcare providers may be held legally and financially accountable when they provide care that injures their patients or makes them ill, provided that certain criteria are met. Specifically, the care must be substandard to the care that a reasonably competent provider would have given if facing similar circumstances. This is complex standard but an attorney who practices medical malpractice law can explain how it would apply to your loved one’s situation specifically.

When Older Adults Are Victims of Substandard Care

It isn’t always easy to know if a loved one is suffering as a result of substandard medical care and/or another cause. Thankfully, attorneys who practice this area of law know how to uncover the truth and provide clarity. As a result, you have nothing to lose and potentially much to gain by voicing your concerns to a lawyer in a risk-free, confidential consultation setting. Don’t wait – your loved one may need you to act now.