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Symptoms of a Brain Bleed after Hitting Her Head

Brain Bleed Lawyer

No matter how seemingly minor head trauma seems, accident victims should always seek medical advice. Most often people who have received minor head trauma tend to try to minimize their emergency room visits, and monetary payout. However they avoid diagnosis, and even if you’re diagnosed with a mild traumatic injury, and never lose consciousness, other things can come up and by avoiding a medical diagnosis you might miss these warning signs.

Mild brain trauma can result in fatal complications because the traumatic brain injury designation is only going to tell the positions that you have an initial presentation of sometimes and not your overall prognosis, because you will need further analysis to determine your prognosis. And no matter how mild your physician says that your traumatic brain injury can be, if it leads to a brain bleed, your brain bleed can and may require hospitalization for an extended period depending on the severity.

Intracranial hematoma such as brain bruising and bleeding occur after hitting your head, no matter how light the force was or how mild the prognosis of the brain injury was. To be honest the force of the impact is going to rupture the brain’s delicate blood vessels, which causes blood to fill the intracranial space and causes pressure on the brain which can in turn kill the brain cells by cutting off the blood oxygen supply that they require. This means that patients can and do suffer from internal brain bleeding without any external injuries, may not lose consciousness or have skull damage. Reach out to a brain bleed a lawyer such as the ones available at Davis and Brusca LLC today.

Most Common Events That Lead to Brain Bleeding

Oftentimes if you’re acquiring a brain injury, you’ve acquired it by falling down, playing a recreational sport, or being in a motor vehicle accident. Because all of these things are such common occurrences, being able to recognize what it feels like to have a brain bleed means it could save your life if you need medical attention for brain bleed.

Falling Accidents

Falls cause over half of all traumatic brain injuries according to estimates. Roughly 80% of all Americans are age 65 and over can contribute their traumatic brain injury and brain bleeds to falling. Children are also prone to falling and receiving and related injuries, and this is most likely something to do with the old adage that children and old people are very similar and alike even though one is very young and what is very old, it can both be close to death at the same time.

The most common types of policy can lead to brain leads falling from a ladder, following the scaffolding, falling off rooftops, following a playground and swing equipment, falling down stairs, falling and slipping, tripping over toys, tripping to the sidewalk and walkway defects and more.

Sometimes there are different types of head injuries, primary and secondary, so if you’re getting it with doors or otherwise hitting your head, you might lose consciousness and then endure a secondary impact when you fall again. This means these traumas are able to combine and cause sudden brain hemorrhages or worsening brain bleed. You might not even realize second trauma happened because you were blacked out during the first, which means that it can be potentially fatal.

Motor Vehicle Collision, Recreational Sports, Assault 

Motor vehicle collisions are another big issue for people receiving head injuries, because in your motor vehicle accident, you are colliding with another vehicle and that accident can give you internal injuries.

When it comes to recreational sports it\’s very similar because most recreational sports are direct contact sports with means that even with helmets, impacts could cause your brain to be propelled back into the school which causes brain to bleed it can cause swelling and other internal damage.

Domestic violence really violence of any kind can cause life altering injuries, and if you are the victim of violence and you have suffered a brain bleed you should reach out to a brain bleed lawyer today.